"My husband and I feel so blessed to have found Alison and her family to care for our two (soon to be three) girls! One of the most difficult things about being a working parent is entrusting your most precious children under the care of another, but I see daily the benefits of the love, nurturing, play and learning that my girls receive while at Alison Wonderland Childcare.  One of our favorite philosophies that Alison holds is that the children need to PLAY! The children spend a large amount of time exploring in a wonderful environment Alison and Bobby have designed and have continued to improve in the 4 years we have had the girls there.  Knowing that our newest daughter will be headed there in the Fall is just one less thing we need to worry about while welcoming a third child into our family."

- David and Ashley S.


Outdoor Play Yard:

Our large back yard is safe and fully fenced.  We offer a play structure for climbing, swinging and sliding. There is a separate play area for infants.  Children enjoy our play houses, stepping stones and picnic tables. When children need shade or to move out of the rain, we have a covered patio, which allows year round play. We have a hen house with 3 hens so the children can care for them and gather eggs. Our huge garden is one of the children's favorite things. We grow 20 different fruits and veggies.  The kids do all the prep work, planting, weeding, watering and picking. They love knowing that they are eating what they grew themselves.

Indoor Play Space:

Inside, we have a 400 square foot developmentally appropriate play environment with toys, games and activities for every age. Children are involved in cooking and serving our healthy, home cooked meals and snacks. Circle time daily focuses on music, reading, language development, math, social development, peer interaction, learning manners and life skills, Bible, science, history, and Alison Wonderland Childcare's exclusive curriculum: "Our Life Around Us".  Welcome "down the rabbit hole" to imagine, wonder, explore and learn through play.

Alison Wonderland Childcare is not a typical home daycare.  Alison has over 25 years of experience working with children, their families and in teaching and administration. Alison is educated in Child Psychology and Early Childhood Development.  Alison offers state of the art childcare for infants and toddlers. Love and respect for children is Alison's utmost priority.  Alison Wonderland Childcare has a clean and fun indoor play environment. Outdoors is a safe, large play area with climbing structures,  swings, a big garden and pets to care for.


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